Unique Places to Remember

Dedicated Areas for Our Communities

At Bunurong Memorial Park we continue to work together with our communities to ensure that everyone is able to honour and celebrate their loved ones in a way that they choose.

The information on these pages describes some of the dedicated community areas within Bunurong Memorial Park. We are always happy to meet with community groups to discuss requirements and future needs.

Bunurong Memorial Park - Seasons - New Development

Rawda Ar-Rahman and Rawda As-Salam (Gardens of Mercy and Peace)

Our beautifully dedicated Islamic areas are located within Aurora’s Rise and are an example of how we respect and provide for the diverse needs of our communities.

Rawda Ar-Rahman (Garden of Mercy)

The Rawda Ar-Rahman offers burial locations positioned North to South and provides options for those who appreciate the prominence of a headstone or the simplicity of a plaque and granite base.

Rawda As-Salam (Garden of Peace)

The Rawda As-Salam offers single row burial locations positioned North to South and allows for the placement of a full monument to cover the entire grave area.

Wadi Al Salam

Shia Muslim Community: WADI AL-SALAM - Valley of Peace.

The Shia Muslim Area of WADI AL-SALAM - Valley of Peace is located at Bunurong Memorial Park. This area includes more than 1000 Islamic graves created in collaboration with the Shia Muslim Community. We are committed to diversity and aim to provide a respectful and peaceful area for the community to share.

Saint Lazarus Greek Orthodox Area

Bunurong Memorial Park is proud to house the Resurrection of the Saint Lazarus Greek Orthodox Church. Adjacent to the church and near Lake Australis, monumental graves are available.

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Croatian Area

A dedicated area has been established within Bunurong Memorial Park for the Croatian community. Here, monumental graves allow for the placement of a full monument to cover the entire grave area.

The Pietà Mausoleum

The Pietà Mausoleum provides for those who appreciate an above ground burial option. With a range of crypts on various levels available, Bunurong Memorial Park is able to cater for a vast range of requirements.

Bunurong Memorial Park - Four Winds - New Development

Other Dedicated Areas

A range of other dedicated areas have been designed and created to support other community groups. Please contact one of our Customer Care Consultants to find out more information, or if you would like to discuss having an area allocated for your community’s requirements.