Unique Places to Remember

Vast and vibrant, Bunurong Memorial Park is characterised by intimate, sensory rich spaces and distinctive native garden rooms dedicated to honouring and celebrating life.

Inspirational Settings to Reflect and Remember

Nestled beneath a broad protective tree canopy, these rooms provide inspirational settings for peaceful reflection and remembrance.

Accented by rich textural elements, sculptures and integrated waterways, this is a unique and enduring landscape, enhanced by seasonal colour and abundant bird and wildlife.

The following pages will introduce you to the unique and diverse opportunities within Bunurong Memorial Park’s newly developed Aurora’s Rise, Southern Aurora Centre and Lake Australis.

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Aurora's Rise

Characterised by a series of distinctive native garden rooms, Aurora’s Rise has been creatively designed for remembrance and reflection.

Southern Aurora Centre

A welcoming space that invites you to visit, relax and spend time. There is a café to enjoy and a contemporary, creative playground for children. The Southern Aurora Centre is a place of remembrance like no other.

Lake Australis

The vast, peaceful Lake Australis sits in the heart of Bunurong Memorial Park and is surrounded by many tranquil places of remembrance.

Murrun Naroon - Natural Burial Bushland

Murrun Naroon ‘Life Spirit’ . Murrun Naroon is a unique natural burial option positioned in a beautiful native bushland environment at Bunurong Memorial Park.

Dedicated areas for our Communities

At Bunurong Memorial Park we recognise the diversity of the communities we serve and are respectful of all cultural and religious requirements.