Unique Places to Remember

Southern Aurora Centre

Here you will find striking memorial walls, colourful native gardens, water features and water views. It is a welcoming space that invites you to visit, relax and spend time.

Bunurong Memorial Park - Wall of Honour

Wall of Honour

Bunurong Memorial Park’s commanding Wall of Honour is dedicated to remembering those who have chosen cremation. Designed to securely house ashes, the wall features a striking earthy Corten interface with poignant words artistically carved. A special place for families to reflect and honour loved ones, the Wall of Honour also has tranquil water views for those visiting to enjoy.

Bunurong Memorial Park - Matildas Garden

Matilda’s Garden

Centrally located within the heart of the Southern Aurora Centre, the beautifully landscaped Matilda’s Garden provides bursts of seasonal colour and is specifically dedicated to provide options for the placement of ashes. Featuring raised garden beds highlighted by Corten steel, the landscaping represents a “colours of Australia” garden.

Matilda’s Garden - Native Shrub Positions

Positioned within a display of dense colourful Australian natives, the Matilda’s Garden Shrub Positions provide for the placement of ashes for an individual or a couple to be remembered and are conveniently located within the Southern Aurora Centre.

Matilda’s Garden - Memorial Walls

Positioned in front of an Australian native garden and complemented by an abundance of seasonal colour and earthy tones, the Matilda’s Garden Memorial Walls have been designed for the placement of ashes. They provide remembrance within a relaxed setting, where families can take in the ambience of the garden and adjacent water views. Remembrance is in the form of a bronze plaque.

Bunurong Memorial Park - Banjos Garden

Banjo’s Garden

Banjo’s Garden is a unique native coastal garden prominently located within the heart of the Southern Aurora Centre and provides unique options for the placement of ashes. Distinctive natural rocks of various sizes have been carefully positioned within the coastal inspired garden and are complemented by striking stainless steel totems with glass plaques. Banjo’s Garden provides for those who are looking for artistic licence in creating a very individual form of remembrance.

Bunurong Memorial Park - Memorial Pools

Memorial Pools

Conveniently located within close proximity to the café and florist, these pools provide an easily accessible and calming form of remembrance. Accented by the beautiful aesthetic of gently moving water, the pools are designed to securely house ashes and provide a unique form of remembrance.